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My core business is producing aftermovies for events in the Electronic Dance Music scene worldwide. An aftermovie can give a complete impression from the festival day / weekend, or focusses on a specific part of that event. Operating as a ‘one man army’ or together with a team of the best freelancers available, all aftermovies are shot in the highest available resolution and edited in 4k.
Picnic 5 years festival
Echt Feesten - weekend aftermovie
Essential Festival
Q-dance at Asgard Music Festival 2018 | Official Q-dance Aftermovie
Xqlusive Ran-D aftermovie
Defqon.1 Australia 2018
IntentsCity recap 2018
Karnaval Festival 2019 liverecaps zaterdag
The Mechanisms of Nature - Scantraxx at Dreamvillage 2016
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